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Del Harrison One of the Funniest Black Females in Comedy

Unleashing Side-Splitting Laughter

7 Reasons to HIRE Del:

  • Her perspective is Unique

  • Her comedy is clean 

  • She is fresh and original

  • Del relieves stress

  • She is passionate

  • Laughter is medicine and

  • Del is the ultimate professional and fun, fun, fun!

Del Harrison: Your prescription to a comedy overdose!

From the Mouth of a Black Woman

Del Harrison realizes a few things: white people in LA are cool but she needs to go to white man school and her "Nigerian" heritage is in question. Del's magic comedy special is accompanied by a live band and behind the scenes videos in this one hour special.

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As Seen In: Laughter Everywhere


Laughs That Leave a Lasting Impression

My mission is to spread joy and laughter through comedy and music filled with uplifting messages.  When you see me live, the you experience tells that stress is bye-bye, your mood is boosted and whatever your body is going through improves, through improving your mental health. 
I love helping you feel better.
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Sisters Movie on BET Plus Directed by Jahmar Hill & Starring Del Harrison, KD Aubert, Lil Mama, Cocoa Brown and Columbus Short - One of the Funniest Black Females in Comedy

In the Movie Sisters on BET Plus

I'm in the movie Sisters airing right now on BET Plus AND my music is the movie too.  Click the link above to watch for free (via a free trial).

Fun Fact: Del Harrison was voted One of the Top 35+ Funniest Black Female Comedians in America by

Need a Voice Actor?
I Got You!

I do voice overs, too.  Maybe you need a funny voice for your project or a relatable one for commercials - or, an announcer.

  Check my reels: announcer characters  commercials

Del Harrison - One of the Funniest Black Females in Comedian in Los Angeles, Funny Black Woman in LA, Funniest Black Female Comedians 2023

Comedy's Finest

Unforgettable Laughter That Will Leave You in Stitches!

Del Harrison's versatile talent shines through her work on TV, film, standup, and reels. With appearances on your favorite networks, her hilarious standup routines, and captivating reel performances, she guarantees an unforgettable comedic experience.


Del Harrison has conquered the screen with her hilarious performances, bringing laughter to shows and movies alike.

Experience the electric atmosphere of Del Harrison's live standup shows, where her comedic genius shines brighter than ever.

 Del Harrison's reel showcases her unmatched talent for comedy, leaving audiences in awe of her skills.

 Del Harrison's music is heartfelt and written from her real life experiences.  Available for download on all platforms.

Comedy Unleashed

A Glimpse Into Del's HILARIOUS IG Page

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